21 March 2018 / By Stephan Thieringer

bēFACILITATORS. His Holiness Khedrup Rinpoche, and Davis Nguyen from Group Flow. And Astrid Asher with Arnulfo Mancera and Jazz Quintet performing on the opening evening.

This testimonial from the inspiring Stephan Thieringer, bēGUIDE at World Happiness Fest 2018 says it all:

“HAPPINESS FEST 2018 – The feeling of gratefulness, happiness, and peace I feel as I am flying over the mountain ranges of Mexico back to the US is overwhelming. The wonderful and generous encounters and meetings of new friends and old friends, the enticement and appreciation of new cultures, new experiences and sights, the taste of new food and my own willingness to be open, vulnerable, curious and simply live in the moment and allow for flow. Thank you, old friends, thank you, new friends, and thank you to a country, its people and culture that not only was overwhelmingly welcoming but also allowed me to see its grace, beauty, hospitality, and tolerance.

Now that we are all off to the many places we hailed from and go back to our own worlds and reflect, we are called to action. Action, that allows the people around us to feel the movement, the effect of #happytalism as Luis crafted it so beautifully and our own accountability going forward to make a difference.

One to one and one to many. To finding the medium that allows us to drive our own being, our message, our spirit and provide methods and means for people to engage with us. To truly create the space for Human Innovation. The translation now of all the inspirations during talks and small chats over coffee, the deep discussions over dinner regarding schools, the many exchanges along walkways in the park and residence of the amazing and gracious Gloria’s homestead Villa Xichú. Muchos Gracias!! Thank you for the physical beauty of that space that with its own flow set the stage for all this to bē.

The privilege of experiencing the artwork of local artist and the hard work and labor invested into 4 years of translating complex writings into a gorgeous piece of art, the honor and privilege to engage during bēSHOP with others, the gift and amazement of holding someone else’s heart in my palms while hearing its beat and seeing its shining light – I could go on and on. For all that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, your inclusion openness, and acceptance and already now I am impatiently wondering what’s next when all of us or maybe just some of us will see each other next, wherever in the world that may be.

And let me not forget to say thank you again to the driving forces behind all this – without mentioning names you know who you are!

Without you, your ideas, vision, and your tireless work prior and now after our departure all this, the events, the gatherings, the dinners and meetings, the bēSHOPs and materials and inspirations we all take with us, this NOW GLOBAL movement, wouldn’t be possible. Muchas Gracias!!!! A Bienvenido hopefully soon somewhere in the World!

With deep gratitude and sending you all love and light!
Ciao, Auf bald, a presto, a bientot, until soon, hasta pronto,”

Stephan Thieringer
bēGUIDE 2018

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