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Key Steps to Solving Conflict

  Conflicts are part of life and … business. They are inevitable, even “normal”, yet...

Management of 86,400 seconds

Every morning, when we wake up, we only have 86,400 seconds for that day. Regardless...

Happy 2016 and MY New Years Resolution

As I am sitting in one of my favorite coffee houses in Boston enjoying a...


I met Stephan at his office in downtown Boston, tape recorder in hand. He had...


Stephan K. Thieringer is a nationally renowned personal innovation strategist, business thinker, and executive coach. Stephan founded 6 tech service companies and has in excess of $50MM USD of Mergers and acquisitions to his credit. After leaving his last global startup he founded the Human Innovation Garage in 2013.

Stephan is a TEDx speaker and his diverse work in technology, venture capital, education and hospitality has earned him several personal and team recognitions including the 2012 World Education Award for “Visionary leadership in impacting economic development”, a finalist CXO of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council and a recipient of the prestigious 1992 Malcolm Baldrige Award with Ritz Carlton Hotels.

Stephan is a Forbes Coaches Council Member and recently studied with Marshall Goldsmith, the Worlds #1 Business thinker, at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business. Stephan teaches management and entrepreneurship as an adjunct professor and dedicates his personal time to several non-profit organizations and engages on various executive boards. Stephan is a native of Stuttgart, Germany and currently resides in Boston.