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bēFACILITATORS. His Holiness Khedrup Rinpoche, and Davis Nguyen from Group Flow. And Astrid Asher with Arnulfo Mancera and Jazz Quintet performing on the opening evening. This testimonial from the inspiring...

21 03 2018 / Posted by Stephan Thieringer
School For Startups Radio Interview Click to listen to Stephan's Radio Interview

12 12 2017 / Posted by Stephan Thieringer
Innovation Culture and What We Need to Enable It

InnoChat with Stephan K. Thieringer by Daniel Klein August 20th, 2017 I met Stephan Thieringer in a Japanese restaurant near his office. After we ordered our food, I took out...

01 09 2017 / Posted by Stephan Thieringer
Creativity Killers – Us?

As Stephan and I sit during a meal at a local restaurant talking about an array of topics we narrow in on creativity. Stephan grew increasingly contemplative, his brow furrowing:...

21 08 2017 / Posted by Stephan Thieringer
Be Respected not Liked

I shifted in my chair uncomfortably. Stephan had been leaning forward in his office chair for a while, but mirroring his posture was making my back hurt. Moving backward a...

09 07 2017 / Posted by Stephan Thieringer

I met Stephan at his office in downtown Boston, tape recorder in hand. He had a lot to say on the topic of assumptions: Assumptions is a big word, right?...

01 06 2017 / Posted by Stephan Thieringer
Happy 2016 and MY New Years Resolution

As I am sitting in one of my favorite coffee houses in Boston enjoying a reminder of European pastries, Linzer Torte and a cup of coffee with “Schlag”, that’s sweet...

31 12 2015 / Posted by Stephan Thieringer
Management of 86,400 seconds

Every morning, when we wake up, we only have 86,400 seconds for that day. Regardless of our age, gender, social status, country, ... “Time is money” but, unlike money, no...

05 08 2015 / Posted by Stephan Thieringer
The Power of Coaching

  Coaching creates THAT space. A space, that creates true intentions, a space for change and for a shift to naturally occur. As people decide to hire me or address a specific...

16 07 2015 / Posted by Stephan Thieringer
What’s Your Relationship Strategy

  A large part of our success depends on the quality of our professional relationships. Maintaining a strong network or power base takes time, discipline and strategy. As Andrew Neitlich...

14 04 2015 / Posted by Stephan Thieringer