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What are your biggest challenges as a business owner? Slow sales, poor communication, unclear strategy, stress, not enough time for your family? We’ve all been there.

All too often, CEOs and presidents of small-to-midsize businesses labor in isolation, trapped in bad habits and constrained by limited vision. But when experienced business owners put their minds together, amazing things can happen. Mastermind Groups offer a brain-trust of wisdom and problem-solving insight spanning decades of business leadership experience.  And it offers a like-minded result focused community.

Under the guidance of Stephan Thieringer and the Human Innovation Garage, Mastermind Group members openly discuss their business and management challenges in a trusting and confidential environment.

Each member is both teacher and student, learning from and serving one another.  Every month, group members meet at a different business location to see how other members are managing their employees, finances and leadership responsibilities.

If you are ready to become a true leader of your company, are willing to ask for help, and are willing to do what it takes to become better, then we invite you to contact us to learn more about joining one of our  Mastermind Advisory Groups.

As the ambassador of Radical Self-Awareness Stephan leads the charge of a new perspective in terms of organizational growth.  It has helped us to realign the entire team.