July 16, 2015 | Stephan K. Thieringer

Coaching creates THAT space. A space, that creates true intentions, a space for change and for a shift to naturally occur. As people decide to hire me or address a specific topic for our next session, change often times always happens before we even had the chance to dive into our interaction.  We need to recognize that our intention to look into a specific issue is enough to create a subtle shift.  When we fully express our desire, personal wishes and intention to change, energy shifts – shift from stuck to being motivated.

The space and shift coaching creates and is in action when and where the coach to “coachee” interaction occurs. And this interaction is co-created by the coach and the client. New ideas, concepts, aha moments and deeper awareness come to light that would not have emerged if the clients were just thinking or writing about their stuff by themselves – or simply sitting idle for that matter.

Coaching brings out our courageous self. Coaching challenges us to answer the questions we wouldn’t have the courage to ask ourselves by just sitting and thinking alone. As human beings, we are very good at running a million thoughts and questions in our head but we are also excellent at avoiding pausing and asking ourselves the questions that really move us forward.  We all know that scenario: We are asked one of these tough, challenging questions.  A nervous laugh usually follows the question and we realize we know we should have asked ourselves this question a long time ago.  Awareness – radical often.  Then, a profound pause. A deep breath.  And what happens next is what creates greater an answer that creates greater self-awareness and leads us to know ourselves better, to clarify our goals, and to make more conscious choices and puts out the awareness of being able to make that choice.

Coaching leads to action. It is one thing to write a to-do list on a piece of paper and hanging it on a wall. Procrastination can kick in pretty easily. The real work happens when, at the end of a session dialogue, we are asked: “Which steps are you going to take this week to get you closer to your goal? And, very precisely, when are you going to do it?”  Coaching is very much about accountability, about real and consequential follow-thru.  We usually don’t like to be caught in not doing what we said we would be doing. We know our next coaching interaction as a “coachee” is going to be challenging if we have not taken action.

So often I compare that great athletes need that push to refine their game, their run their technique in which ever sport and discipline that may be.  Think of yourself the same way: A high performance athlete and challenge yourself to a better technique and a better game.  And your season is now, don’t wait till’ the next as by then you may be relegated.

Until soon,